Friday, March 4, 2011

The Kid Who Walks Through Walls

The reason for those two fleeting days of Mongolian cheesemaking experiments is getting big and strong fast. We may never have another chance to make eezgii -- which is a little sad because I think I screwed it up on the first try. Do not let your eezgii hang for more than two hours, and unless you want your bosgooson uurag sweet and super-mild, add the salt while heating the colostrum. Now back to the kiddy ...

Chiquita may have been a little early and weak to start but she is a bouncy healthy girl now. This morning I decided to let everyone out while the weather was nice. Ish. In less than an hour Joy (the mom) was happily browsing in the front pasture with the other two goats -- not a care in her world -- and ... there was no kid to be seen. Also no bleating.

I assigned my trusty assistant Gromit -- whoops, Ronan -- to go find Chi. Which she did fairly soon. Chi had probably popped under the pasture gate, crossed the foyer pasture to the milking parlor and had wedged herself between the wall and the hay bales and gone to sleep. Only problem being that she could walk through the pallet walls without much effort and then be out in the dog-patrolled area. So before we could have another at-risk kid knocking about the place I let the dogs out the front door and the kids in the back door and everyone home at the time time had a nice little snuggle session with Chi until it was time to pull Joy off the pasture before she ate too much too-fresh grass.