Monday, December 22, 2008

bread and bug eggs

Oh good, that blasted underline is gone. I couldn't find any way to get rid of it when I started this blog yesterday - since underlining isn't even an option listed in the toolbar.

Today when I went out to milk it was windy. Probably 30+mp.h. from the way the trees were moving. Down on the ground, sheltered as we are, the wind wasn't much, but the tops of the big firs were swaying and they were making that ocean surf sound I love.

It's a breadbaking day. I'm going for my usual mix of two-thirds whole wheat flour, one-third white and adding teff grain. Teff really darkens up the loaf and adds a unique nut-like flavor, but only when added whole. Teff flour doesn't taste the same at all. The other great thing about teff is that it is one of the world's smallest cereal grains; they are about the size of bug eggs. This gives me the joy of telling curious visitors and children that I am putting bug eggs in the bread when they ask what the brown stuff is. Nettles always go in the bread, too. And kelp. For iron and iodine, respectively. When my daughter was younger and sometimes lived on bread, I started trying to make our bread as "enriched" as possible without getting flours that have isolated vitamins added to them. I have attention/boredom problems, so I'm often changing things around, like the bread recipe. Especially since I make bread twice a week. Pretty much every week. And have done for years. And years. And years. Okay, not that many years. Only seven years or so. Before that I used to live on a farm with five other adults and the bread duty rotated, so no one did it more than once a month.

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