Friday, February 20, 2009

we cut heads

Ronan is ten and half years old. High time she learned to cut hair around h'yar. I'm tired of cutting the backside of my own head - and many people would think that anybody, even Sid Vicious (back from the grave), would do a better job, all around. Or at least my mom thinks so. Another reason to get Ronan trained up is that my latest haircut requires something like monthly maintenance and, really, I am not that kind of person. Of course Ronan can't just launch into my hair on her first turn with scissors and clippers. Thus, it was decided (by me) that she should start with Matt. Matt usually asks me to cut his hair at times that don't work for me. Like just before he's out the door or last thing at night. Ronan is still usually good to go at the time I consider "last thing at night," so we started her off on Matt's head, last thing at night. (I made myself a pint of tea to make it through.) Below right is the result. The photo was taken a couple of days later when the two of them were putting up a wee little greenhouse we got from BiMart.

But when is she going to cut my hair, which will require a lot more scissors work? A fortuitous time when we are both free has not yet arisen.

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