Monday, March 23, 2009

bread-baking update

Here is an update from someone who is much more like an expert on making bread with no kneading. People have occasionally been puzzled by the lack of kneading in my bread recipe. This recipe goes way more than one better. The big catch: it only makes one loaf at a time. I make four. Once or twice a week. I haven't tried this recipe out to see how it works with a lot more whole wheat flour in it. Or how it works in Stella, our wood-fired cookstove. (Sorry no pictures of Stella are as yet available.) If this is something I would need to make every day, then I would want to make it in Stella - and it better be really easy. The dutch-oven would probably be very compatible with Stella's temperament; she rather likes to burn the back ends of the left rear loaves unless you rotate the batch every ten or fifteen minutes - and, yes, that's as tedious as it sounds. With Stella's eight- to nine-month season of use starting to wind down for the year, I think I will try this recipe as an occasional lark but I expect to stick with my own nearly-no-knead bread at least until next fall.

I don't know why I can't get this link to work. It drops off the first "story" after "templates" in translation. Once you get the npr site just type in "kneadless bread" in the search window and you'll get there after all.

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  1. i know it's not all back to the land-y...but my gramma gave me a kitchen aid when i got married and that thing makes awesome bread--i even made some the other day that was all whole wheat and it rose all nice and round and perfect. it was so good. the kitchen aid kneads it for you and you just have to shape it. it's a real time saver.