Monday, March 23, 2009

word of the day (or week) or whenever I get another word up here

The word is "brainish". It doesn't mean what your brain might first think it means. "Brainish" doesn't mean "smart" or "nerdy" or even "the way an animal hide might smell after it's been brain-tanned" (one of nature's many wonders is that every mammal has just sufficient brains to tan its own hide). Nope. None of those.

I found this word while Matt and I were wondering with our own weak and unsophiscated brains what "braising" is. I thought it had something to do with roasting but then started to doubt myself because the context was the back of a seed packet that recommended braising the largest leaves of the strain of mustard contained within. Braized mustard? We looked it up. "Braise" means "to cook slowly in fat and little moisture in a closed pot." Sounds rather like what happens in a dutch oven. On the opposite page and nowhere near "braise" was the word "brainish". One had to be grazing in the dictionary to find it. If you are starting to wonder why it is taking me so long to tell you want "brainish" means, that may be because I am trying to get a brainish reaction out of you, gentle reader. The color of this post is a clue, though.

Oh, all right.

"Brainish" means: impetuous, hotheaded. It's from circa 1530 and it's marked as archaic. Don't delay! We must rush to save this word from extinction! Use it today. Hell, be it today. Then use it. Then post a comment to tell the rest of us what you did that was brainish - and whether you need us to post bail for you.

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  1. Brainish is a good word. If I weren't brain dead I might remember to use it. I seem to having a little trouble with my brain lately.